KS1000 Trapezoidal Roof (FM Approved)


KS1000 RW Trapezoidal Roof Panel

Kingspan Jindal's trapezoidal roof systems present a superior system compared to conventional muti-part site assembles systems. They are quicker to install, require less manual labour and are designed to meet thermal building regulation compliance.


Technical Product Information


Core Thickness (mm)
40 60 70 100

Overall Thickness (mm)
75 95 105 135

R-Value (m2K/W)
2.34 3.36 3.87 5.35

U-Value (w/m2K)
0.43 0.30 0.26 0.19

Weight (kg/m2) 0.5 steel / 0.4 steel
9.9 10.7 11.1 12.3
 *The R-values / U-values have been calculated using the method required by the appropriate National Building Regulations.
AUS RW Roof System

KS 1000 RW Roof System

Profile: Trapezoidal

Fixing Detail: Through- fix
Metal type: Steel
Application: Pitched roof of 3 degrees or more after deflection 
Lengths: From 2m to 13.7m
Cover Width: 

Fire rating: FM approved
Weather Protection: KS1000 RW now come with Factory Applied Weather Seal (FAWS). This provides a continuous weathertight seal for roof  panels
Product Compatibility: Integrates with Day-Lite Trapezoidal, Kingspan Insulated Gutters and  Kingspan Safety solutions

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