Day-Lite Kapture Roof Light

Product Highlight


Diffusion- 100%
SHGC (g-value)- 0.70%
Light Transmission (%)**  83

Climate Control

Diffusion- 100%
SHGC (g-value)- 0.45%
Light Transmission (%)** 81

** Light Transmission is according to EN410 is as measured on 600mm x 600mm sample.


Day-Lite Kapture Skylight - capturing daylight for longer

The unique, contoured design of the Kingspan Day-Lite Kapture skylight allows it to capture enhanced levels of natural light at low sun angles — illuminating internal spaces during early morning and late evening. Its advanced nano-prismatic technology efficiently scatters light ensuring excellent levels of light transmission while eliminating hot-spots and glare.

The Kapture skylight is triple-glazed using specially designed polycarbonate layers to maximize both light transmission and diffusion while the shape of the rooflight unit has been specially designed to capture the maximum level of light, even at low angles

Through the utilisation of nano-prismatic technology, Kapture Skylights offer exceptional levels of light transmission, coupled with 100% diffusion and 100% UV resistance, reducing heat gain in buildings where it is used.

Complete Systems & Services

For 50 years, Kingspan insulated panel technology has led the industry in thermal-efficiency, fire safety and lifetime durability.

Today, Kingspan also offers enormous aesthetic flexibility with a vast range of insulated panel profiles supported by state-of-the-art specialist fabrications. Together with advanced daylighting and integrated rooftop solar PV, this enables Kingspan to deliver the complete envelope solution.


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