Recess Fixed Dri Design


Product Overview

The Recess Fixed Cassette offers a value engineered alternative to the Hook on Cassette System that can also be installed horizontally, with variable joint widths. 

The Recess Fixed Cassette is compatible with and can easily be installed on our PIR/IPN Karrier panel.

Product Information

Product Snapshot
Product Dimension
Material and Coatings

Recess Fixed

Recessed Cassette_Quadcore Karrier_Product Render_Sherburn
It does not require a secondry support/rail system and is installed with color matched rivets. The facade is fixed directly through the external structural face of the IPN/PIR Karrier Panel.

If these cassette option is specified in corten, please note that the vertical top hats are necessary for ventilation.


Product Dimension

UK_F_Recess-fixed Cassette 300x200
Minimum Size for Recess Fixed
150 mm x 150mm

Maximum Size for Recess Fixed
2870 mm x 50 mm

Colors and Coating

Metals available in Recess Fixed are:-
Aluminium Facades, Copper, Corten and Stainless Steel

When a design demands color and tone, Kingspan Jindal offers a vast pallete of choice. Aluminum can be caoted in any RAL, QBS Color with coatings that can be replicate more expensive metal option.

We have many options available from mettalic, standard, textured etc.

Color swatches are available on request

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