KS1000 X Dek Large Span (FM Approved)

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KS1000 X-DEK Large Span Roof Panel

X-Dek™ with IPN core insulation (PIR) meets the load capacity, strength and thickness of the thermal insulation. Suitable for all types of buildings, which have a roof slope greater than 0.5 °.
  • Very good carrying capacity for large spans and high loads
  • Excellent fire performance
  • Also suitable for green vegetation roofs
  • In terms of statics, they can be considered as a reinforcing element of a roof structure
  • Modular width 1000mm
  • Insulation Core Thickness 80mm, 100mm
  • Standard lengths from 2.5-13.5 m (max. Up to 15m)
  • Lower support plate in thicknesses of 0.9mm or 1.1mm

Product Technical Information

Dimensions and weight

Insulation core thickness

d [mm]

Bottom sheet thickness [mm]

Total thickness

D [mm]



    type XD type XM type XB type XG
80 0,9 188 21,4 17,7 15,9 15,8
1,1 208 23,7 20,0 18,2 18,1
100 0,9 188 22,2 18,6 16,8 16,7
1,1 208 24,6 20,9 19,1 19,0

Manufactured panel lengths

The standard panel lengths range from 2.5 to 13.5m. Panels shorter than 2.5 m are cut off at the site. Maximum panels of 15m (over-dimensional traffic to the site) can be delivered. For the possibilities of supplying longer panels, contact Kingspan Customer Service.


All X-dek panels are manufactured with cutbacks on the bottom trapezoidal sheet metal. The standard length of the undercut is 50mm, the maximum length is 630mm.

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