Specialist Panels- Ultratech Precision


Product Highlights

The UltraTech Technical Panel and UltraTech Air Return Panel have both been designed specifically for use with the UltraTech Precision cleanroom system.


Technical Panel



UltraTech Technical Panels have been specifically designed for use within cleanroom environments where piping or cabling/wiring need to be accessible for maintenance. 

1. Allow for easy integration with the UltraTech Precision wall panel system.
2. Each panel is pre-fabricated and consists of two reinforced facings in 0.63mm thickness.
3.UltraTech Technical Panels are supplied with a factory engineered demountable panel facing held to the panel frame by recessed magnets.
4.  Sealed modular, non-load-bearing wall panels designed to provide a maintenance accessible space within the cleanroom wall panel.

Air Return Panel

Air Return Panel
UltraTech Air Return Panels are a sealed modular, non-load-bearing wall system that have been designed to provide return air risers within the cleanroom wall panel thickness.

1. Easily integrated with the UltraTech partition wall system.
2. Supplied with factory formed low level air return grilles and high level outlets eliminating both cutting and dust generation during on-site installation.
3. Designed for use where the air cleanliness is stringently controlled a.