Dri Design Perforated

Product Overview

2017_Benchmark_Rainscreen Facade Dri Design Perforated_Ryerson University_CA_2
Think of the beauty and detail in a Seurat painting, tiny dots creating one whole image, that's the basic concept of  the Dri-Design perforated option, images and patterns are created through hundreds and thousands of  varying sized and placed perforations. 

All aluminiun Dri-Design cassettes (Flat, Shadow and Tapered) can be perforated - what will you create

Product Highlight

Dri Design Perforated_QuadCore Karrier_Product Render_Sherburn
  • Installs twice as fast as comparable systems (hoc)
  • Minimum components
  • High quality aesthetic
  • Wide range of colours and finishes, textures, metals
  • Cassettes types and size easily interchanged
  • Self-draining gutter, no streaks, low maintenance  
  • Dri-Design can be installed on IPN/PIR  Karrier panel